Vogadors - Architectural Rowers, Venecia 2012

Andrija Rusan


"The three sisters now have a special place in which to raise their children"


We know it is not easy to build houses that are poetic, warm, simple, clear, modest, elementary and responsible, houses that will be an icon of their time but at the same time not lose any of their essential values over time. Also, it is obvious that these dear, regular projects appear in "peripheral" countries. They are not coming from developed states like those that dictate banking and political associations, with their "democratic" rules, or from those who for our own good (so they would have us believe!) love their "Big Brother" the most... The answers to this are quite obvious, right? Or are they?!


Therefore, we should believe, even hope that Irene, Maria and Ángeles are happy with the world that is very responsible thought-out architecturally, anda the made warmer with pine planks...The three sisters have got a special place in which to raise their children, and a special place for themselves; a world rich in atmosphere and views and possibilities for enjoying community or even surrendering to intimate privacy. We could go on use many more words to praise the quality or their work and their professional responsibility, we might praise how very well the house was thought out with a view to making it responsible towards the environment, but above anything else stands the prominence of content, of warmth, and the special character of the newly created New World for these three sisters and their families. Nothing is more important than that!